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The Plate.

Chris and Ella don't have fine china and they didn't register for dinnerware. They have something a little different in mind.

They would like their guests to give them a plate.

They don't want a specific style so that they have one whole matched set. They want everyone to pick out a plate, just one, to help create a unique dinner set. The plate can remind the giver of Chris and Ella, or it can be intended to remind Chris and Ella of the giver. In some cases, Chris and Ella would be honored to recieve a plate from the giver's own set of dishes.

The idea stems from their time in Australia. Money was tight at first and they found a discount store that sold dishes, but only the remnants. Every week they would buy a plate and slowly build their collection, but since the store continually ran out of inventory, their collection became quite eclectic. Each plate held a memory of a different day and a new adventure.

In much the same way, Chris and Ella now want to start a new collection but instead of reminding them of adventures, it should remind them of their friends and family.

So Chris and Ella are requesting one plate (dinner plate, saucer, or soup bowl) to remind them of you. These can be picked up cheaply as a single plate at any department store, Goodwill, or even something from your own dinnerware.


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