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Chris and Ella met online.

For those of you that know them well, this should really come as no surprise.

Strangely enough, they used completely different dating sites. Chris was on and Ella was on (which eventually led to Chris' realization that out of the many online-dating sites, there were only a handful of databases... so the same people come up if you're on as if you're on Ella had put up a profile on a dare and tried to make it the most ridiculous and off-putting profile she could. Chris discovered her page; and as is his nature, found hilarity in the absurd.

After much courting and a couple false-starts, Chris decided that he really couldn't handle life without Ella. When she made mention that she was going to move to California, Chris accelerated his plans to be with her. A friend had talked about moving to Australia. Chris asked Ella if she really wanted to go to California or if she really just wanted to get out of Milwaukee. She replied that the destination wasn't important as long as it wasn't "here."

So Chris quit his job, sold his house, and took Ella to Australia... but that's another story altogether.

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