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We officially became engaged over the first weekend of June when Chris proposed during the Midwestern Haunters Convention, a gathering those who work in the haunted house industry. However, Chris had been planning this since February, when he and the owner of the haunted house at which he works talked of building a special new room for the attraction. The new room would be a chapel, and Chris and I would have the opportunity of getting married there. Then Chris contacted a jeweler to design an engagement ring. Unfortunately the manufacture of the ring took a lot longer than planned. By the end of May, the pressure was really on. Not only would there be much less time to plan the wedding and reception, but by then many of Chris's co-workers knew about the plans for the chapel.

Not wanting to wait any longer, Chris had a simpler ring made and brought it with us to the convention. We found one afternoon when he didn't have any prior responsibilities, had a great sushi lunch, and then he popped the question. And well, this website wouldn't be here if I hadn't answered in the affirmative...or it'd be quite different.

We're now excited and a bit stressed to be planning our wedding this autumn. While it's great to be getting married on our favorite holiday, this is also the busiest time of year for us, especially Chris who has so many responsibilities at the haunted house. And this way we get to have our ceremony in a unique location and in a unique way.

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